Most are the times when it is said that quality is usually a result of being the best or otherwise working with the best. The quality of your masters in environmental science is generally dependent on the place where you pursued it from. There have been quite a number of analyses involving those institutions which are involved in offering this form of post graduate qualification and their rankings have been quite instrumental in deciding whether or not their products are of quality value.

As of the year two thousand and nine, Stanford University was ranked the best college offering masters in environmental science. This institution is credited for the fact that it has two of its four departments, which are specific to environmental science. Research projects are a must for each of the grad and in this discipline, and among all the studies that are in offer here, most revolve around the environment an d as such there is an aspect of inter relationship. The University of Illinois was ranked second, and it is described as an institution with an astute outreach and research program which is aimed at making environmental science a world class affair.

The University of Berkeley in California was ranked third, considering that it is committed towards development of new knowledge which is being undertaken in a series of rigorous research undertakings and academics. Fourth in tow was the Yale University, whose school of forestry and environmental studies was founded in 1901. This institution is accredited for its contribution to solving some complex environmental problems and enhanced curriculum in the field of Masters in environmental science.

The Massachusetts institute of technology was ranked fifth and it is known for spearheading research which is aimed at focusing on in depth understanding of the worlds environmental systems besides advocating for the efficient utilization of the earths resources. Sixth was the Georgia Institute of Technology, whose school of environmental and civil engineering was established in 1896. The school is said to use its environmental research findings into the areas which are related to improving human life. They are known to have diversified their environmental science courses.

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