Introducing new Green Chemistry Editorial Board member: François Jérôme

We are delighted to welcome François as our newest Editorial Board member

François Jérôme, University of Poitiers, France

François received his PhD degree in chemistry from the University of Burgundy (France) in 2000 in the group of Prof. R. Guilard. Then, he moved as a postdoc to the University of California of Davis (USA) and the group of Prof. K. M. Smith followed by a second postdoctoral position at the University of Rennes 1 under the guidance of Prof. P. H. Dixneuf where he worked on ruthenium-catalyzed reactions. In 2002, he joined the CNRS as a permanent researcher in the Laboratoire de Catalyse en Chimie Organique located at the University of Poitiers. In 2011, he was promoted as a CNRS research director at the Institut de Chimie des Milieux et Matériaux de Poitiers. In 2015, he created the research federation INCREASE, hosted by the CNRS, gathering scientists from academia working together with chemical companies on the design of sustainable chemicals.

He is now deputy of the Institut de Chimie des Milieux et Matériaux de Poitiers, member of the executive committee of the French division of Catalysis and chairman of the International Symposium on Green Chemistry (ISGC); editions 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019.

His main research interests concern the development of technologies capable of activating and converting concentrated feed of renewable polyols (glycerol, mono- and polysaccharides) to specialty chemicals.

The Royal Society of Chemistry is delighted to announce that Green Chemistry Associate Editor Chao-Jun Li as one of this year’s recipients of the 2018 Killam Research Fellowships, awarded by the Canada Council for the Arts.

This year’s honorees, chosen by a selection committee of their peers, have pioneered some of the world’s forefront cultural, medical and scientific discoveries to date. From understanding language acquisition in infants to revolutionizing the way we look at the universe, documenting cultural and technological milestones to improving the quality of life for those living with disease or ailments, this year’s Killam recipients have made it their mission to find solutions that positively change and better the lives of millions of Canadians and beyond. In fact, these recipients have not only dedicated their careers to making ground-breaking discoveries, but they are teaching and inspiring the future generations of leaders in their field.

Congratulations to Professor Li for winning this prestigious award!

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